GetHashing Coin (Shares)

GetHashing Coin (Shares)

Asset IDAdjonhsTtUxo26WhFk1LxayXNUZa7jkszX
TypeSmart Property
 The authenticity of the issuer has been verified
DivisibilityDivisible to 1 places
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Contract Details

GHcoin – Mining Operation Shares

GHcoin is a community colored coin for members of the GetHashing community. A smart asset built and stored on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The GHcoin asset is backed by real SHA-256 hash power (proof-of-hashing).

Each coin represents 10 shares in the GetHashing mining operation (10 GH/s) with a divisibility of 1 decimal (0.1 GHcoin = 1 GH). GHcoin can be freely traded between owners and mining dividends are paid daily between 17:00 – 20:00 UTC.

GHcoins are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain and GHcoin owners may freely trade their GHX with anyone (on and off the GetHashing platform). The new owner is instantly eligible to receive dividend payments of the GHmining operation. GHcoins can be stored in any local or online wallet that supports the smart assets protocol / colored coins.

GHcoin Specifications
  • Total GHX issued: 50,000 coins (500 TH/s)
  • Maintenance fee: $0.0013 per GH/s per day

Purchasing GHX

GHX may be purchased at or from community members via the Marketplace at


GetHashing Cloud is the first fully transparent, community driven bitcoin crowd mining platform with a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet service and support for smart assets build on the open assets protocol (aka colored coins) including GetHashing’s mining shares also known as GHcoin (GHX).

Secured against Operator Failure

GHcoins are backed by real hardware and hashing power. In the event that the farm no longer is profitable, GHcoin owners may request to have their hashing power released to them at an additional shipping and handling fee*

*Power must equate to a full unit. Example: Batch 1 units are Bitmain S5 – 1155gh/s. A GHX owner would require 115.5 coins to exchange for hardware. GH secures hosting and pays maintenance fees for 90 days in advance. For more information please view the GetHashing terms of service on our website.