Dr.Zoidberg Finance&Medical Catering Surgery, Inc.

Dr.Zoidberg Finance&Medical Catering Surgery, Inc.

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IssuerDr. Zoidberg
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Contract Details

This is virtual company, focused on long-term investments mainly in white-bread sandwich markets, pizza and tasty animals.
Minority of assets is hold in burgers, milk, eggs and sausages. In late 2014 we entered discount pizza market in Poland and we signed exclusive 10 year contract for all edible public hospital waste in eastern Germany. CEO, king and company doctor John Zoidberg is well known for his capital strength and superior trading skills. He is also very kind and works for free.
Company operate with nearly zero costs, everyone is paid with company shares, expired dogfood, dead insects and various altcoins. Only our robot needs some bitcoin and alcohol to function.

Business plan is available in audio for better investor experience: http://zoidberg.eu/biz_plan.mp3 Company goal is clear: Once again the conservative sandwich-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor.

Thanks to bitcoin technology, our company manages itself and we can concentrate on expansion. Since 2/2015 you can gamble with our shares on https://www.masterxchange.com Ticker: COLZOIDY / BTC (COL-Zoidbeewantstobuyonmargin)

Official updates: May 29, 2015: we acquired some tasty fish from Russia May 29, 2015: we bough all available shares of World Peace on MasterXchange